Woo Shortcodes Kit is focused on enhance your shop.
Save tons of plugins and add +60 functions and shortcodes.
It’s totally FREE!

Easy to get up and running

Install with 1 click directly from the WordPress repository

Functions sorted by sections

From dynamic navigation menu, to, adapt your shop to the GDPR law. Woo Shortcodes Kit provide 9 different sections where you will find very fast all the related functions and shortcodes.

+10 functions to build a custom account page

With Woo Shortcodes Kit you’re not locked into a structure. Provides 14 functions with special shortcodes to build the WooCommerce My Account page from scratch, and adapt the endpoints without limits if you complement it with his addon Custom Blocks & Redirections.

+45 Helpful shortcodes and functions

In addition to the my account shortcodes, other features (customize the shop page or build a new from scratch, add counters, customize the add to cart button, restrict content, build your custom testimonials with the WooCommerce product reviews, etc.) are available.


+8000 WooCommerce stores are enyoing with Woo Shortcodes Kit!

Works with most popular builders and themes

Elementor builder

Learn how Modding WooCommerce with Woo Shortcodes Kit, with an enviroment created with Elementor.


Enhance your WooCommerce shop with Woo Shortcodes Kit, with and enviroment created with this theme and Elementor.

Visual Composer

Build your custom WooCommerce shop with Woo Shortcodes Kit, with and enviroment created with The7 theme.

Integrations galore

Elementor (free and PRO versions), Divi, EMAB, Visual Composer, WooCommerce Subscriptions, WSHK PRO, WooCommerce Memberships
– these are just a few of the plugins and themes that work great with Woo Shortcodes Kit.

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