How to build a Dynamic Navigation for WooCommerce

Hello everyone!


We begin the new series of tutorials of Woo Shortcodes Kit, with the guide about How to build a dynamic navigation for WooCommerce. The first of 12 videos in which you will learn to master this complement and his functions in a very simple way.

In this case, you will see how to customize an environment created with:

  • WordPress 5.3.2
  • WooCommerce 3.9.1
  • Hello Elementor (Theme)
  • Elementor Builder (Free version)
  • Woo Shortcodes Kit 1.8.3


But it is also compatible with other templates such as GeneratePress, Divi, Storefront, The7, BeTheme among others and builders such as Visual Composer, Divi builder among others, with which we will do more series testing the functions of WSHK.

With this first video of the MODDING WOOCOMMERCE guide with Woo Shortcodes Kit, we will see:

  • How to build a conditional menu
  • Allow shortcodes in the menu item titles
  • Add the username in the title of a menu item





How to build a conditional menu
By default WordPress shows the same menu to users who have logged in as those who have not. But with Woo Shortcodes kit, you have a function prepared to make the menu show different elements conditionally, depending on the state of the user (if the session is started or not)


Allow shortcodes in the menu item titles
This is another function that WordPress does not offer by default, but with Woo Shortcodes Kit you can enable shortcodes to work, when they are added to the menu item titles. Once this function is activated, you can add a shortcode to the title of any menu item.


Add the username in the title of a menu item
If you want to try the previous function, you have a shortcode which you can add to the title of an item in your menu and it will be shown to each user who has logged in their username.


In the next video we will see how to customize the WooCommerce Shop page easily with Woo Shortcodes Kit.

Write all in the comments i will see you there!

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