How to customize the WooCommerce my account page with Elementor

How to customize the WooCommerce my account page with Elementor

Lately, both Woo Shortcodes Kit and its add-ons receive quite frequent changes and updates. Additionally, all base documentation, new videos for the channel, and blog posts are being created, for example, the latest on how to Disable the new WooCommerce 4.0 dashboard and other new features.

As I mentioned earlier, “after all this work, there is only one person”, but this time I am not alone…



I have the collaboration of Web Informatico, who will be the person who will tell you How to customize the WooCommerce my account page with Elementor step by Step.


Antonio Maraucci is a web developer and content creator, as well as a great coincidence.

Among its different services, it offers development for WordPress and WooCommerce. You can find more about him and his work from his website, Totaliweb.


¿How to customize the WooCommerce my account page with Elementor?


Being the first collaboration, we did not want it to be something fleeting, so Antonio has prepared a complete tutorial on How to customize the WooCommerce my account page with Elementor.

So if you were planning to give your account page a new style and you need inspiration or you did not know how to build an account page from scratch, this video will help you achieve it simply and step by step.




Essential Resources


On this video you can learn how to customize the WooCommerce my account page with Elementor, in a WooCommerce enviroment and using Woo Shortcodes Kit to enhance the WooCommerce possibilities and the addon Custom Blocks and Redirection for extend the Woo Shortcodes Kit functions.


By following the tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know how to create a custom WooCommerce my account page from scratch.



To celebrate this first collaboration, you can now get the premium addon Custom Blocks and Redirections for WSHK with a 15% discount!


You will find the discount code on their YouTube channel, right in the video description or just can click here and the product will be added in the cart with the coupon code directly.

it will only be available 7 days!


Before finishing, I would like to thank Antonio from Totaliweb for their collaboration and for giving the Woo Shortcodes Kit and its complement the opportunity. If you liked the video, don’t forget to give it your support by leaving your like and subscribing to the channel to have more content like this!


I’ll be back soon with new surprises that will mark a before and after, especially if you use Elementor as a page builder.


See you in the next post!

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