Woo Shortcodes Kit have new website and a new way to make everything easier!

There have been many changes to this website throughout this time.


When I started this website, I had the idea to set an additional benchmark for Woo Shortcodes Kit, as the main one was the WordPress repository. But after all this time and the +3000 users who use the plugin, the needs of the web have changed and, therefore, also its objective.



That is why this new version of the web is focused on establishing a solid foundation, a good knowledge base to learn everything you can achieve with Woo Shortcodes Kit and how to do it, in order to improve the possibilities of functionality and design in your WooCommerce shop.

This update had a lot of changes, commenting all can be boring… so let’s talk about the most important changes:



From now, the website will update the currency rate daily and you can buy the addons with a correct price always. It will detect from which country you want to make the purchase and will automatically show you the correct currency.



The website count now with a new system to manage the addons licenses, if you was using any Woo Shortcodes Kit addon, you will need re-activate your license. You can know more about Easy My Account Builder and the license for Custom Blocks & Redirections.



HOME: The main page of the site has been modified, trying to show a little better the advantages that can be achieved by using the Woo Shortcodes Kit and facilitating access to all its features, such as its addons.


FEATURES: A new page has also been incorporated where to make known all the features of Woo Shortcodes Kit and from which, to be able to access different points of interest to obtain more information. There are parts that are to come and very soon they will, you just have to be patient, after all this work there is only one person.


MEET THE ADDONS: Old plans have been removed and addons now have a global grid from which each can be accessed separately and know the benefits they can bring. It is also where you can get licenses to enjoy them.


NEWS & UPDATES: The blog has stopped issuing news about the changelogs, since these have moved to one of the most important section of this update, which is the new documentation area!


DOCUMENTATION: The new documentation area will mark a before and after both in Woo Shortcodes Kit, the addons and on the website. If you are a user for a long time, you will know that unfortunately they have not had a very extensive documentation, due to the lack of time that I have been having.

But from now on, they have a new and extensive information area, which will be constantly formed to make the documentation of each of the plugins available on the web available to all.



There are parts that are not yet available, despite being structured (they will arrive soon)…but there are others that are, like the Changelogs of Woo Shortcodes Kit, Easy My Account Builder and Custom Blocks and Redirections.


This is just the beginning, the new path is marked and it only remains to follow it.


By the way!, is now available the new Woo Shortcodes Kit v.1.8.5 which incorporates among other new features a function to Disable with just one click the new WooCommerce dashboard.


See you in the next post!

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