What new in Easy My Account Builder?


This version 1.0.2 is a new way for this addon, and is very important if you was using the addon previously. All the functions has been enhanced:


  • NEW Work with just the WordPress classic editor: build your account page with only a shortcode, using the by default editor without need another page builder.
  • NEW Control the styles from the WP Customizer: Now you can manage the tabs and containers styles with a live preview, directly with the WordPress Customizer.
  • NEW New button for open the WP Customizer and start to configure the styles directly. When you click the button it will open the WP customizer on the Easy My Account Builder section and with the account page in the live preview.
  • NEW New shortcode with 20 tabs layouts: Now you have a new shortcode to build the tabs and containers, just need copy and paste in your custom account page. Choose between 20 different layouts to display the tabs and customize the styles to get your own result!
  • NEW option: horizontal/vertical tabs, now you only need a click to change the tabs orientation.
  • NEW link tabs from another page: A new option has been added on the Keep the last tab dropdown, now you can choose Keep the last tab visited for the user and do it linkeable from another page.
  • NEW Enhanced the editor to add content in the containers, now you can use the Visual editor too (the same that you have on have page or post to build). You can choose between Visual or HTML editor and can Drag and Drop media for upload directly in the editor.
  • NEW Added custom class for the settings input texts, numbers and checkboxs, now it’s not make conflict with the other inputs of the site.
  • NEW New license validator added, now Easy My Account Builder need a premium license key to work, you can keep your free version 1.0.1 (without the news, updates and support) or get your Emab license to upgrade to the v.1.0.2 and all the news, updates and premium support!


  • FIXED Icon library link: Now you can access to the icon library directly from the link available on each tab section.


  • UPDATED English template
  • UPDATEDSpanish translation


  • COMPATIBLE with WordPress 5.3.2
  • COMPATIBLE with WooCommerce 4.0.0
  • COMPATIBLE with Woo Shortcodes Kit 1.8.4