About changelog

What is the Changelog?


Usually each plugin have many changes, news, improves when is updated. To order it and let know what happend on each new version we keep it in the changelog.

Since the WSHK v.1.8.4, EMAB v.1.0.2 and CBAR v.1.0.7 you can follow all from here navigating between the changelog section in the sidebar menu, but you can check the changelog of older versions:

Old Changelog: Woo Shortcodes Kit  

Old Changelog: Easy My Account Builder

Old Changelog: Custom Blocks & Redirections


How work the Changelog?


Each plugin have his own changelog, will be available after launch the plugin version and is ordered by sections:


This section display all about the new functions added on this version.


This section display all about the improves, fixed errors and other corrections made on this version


This section display all about the updates made on this version


This section display if the plugin is compatible to work with WordPress, WooCommerce and others required plugins.