WSHK PRO v.1.1.2

What new in Woo Shortcodes Kit PRO?

The version 1.1.2 come with a very featured function to work fine with WooCommerce Memberships and include the first function integrated directly in a WSHK’s functions. Also include some fixs and updates to work correctly with Woo Shortcodes Kit v.1.9.1, WordPress v.5.5.1 and WooCommerce v.4.5.2.

  • NEW Compatibility with WooCommerce Memberships. Now you can build the members area in your custom account page using shortcodes.
  • NEW Now the function called “Custom redirections for advanced actions of WooCommerce my account” have a new field to set the redirection for WooCommerce Memberships members area.
  • NEW Shortcode integration for the function Display saving price and percentages on sale products. You can use the shortcode to display the badge where you want in the product page or product template. Works with Elementor templates!


  • FIXED template my-address.php, now the calling to WSHK options is not duplicated.
  • FIXED template payment-methods.php, now the calling to WSHK options is not duplicated
  • FIXED issue getting user_id on wshk-wc.php (line 206)


  • UPDATED Now the Orders list (Elementor widget) is compatible with the new update of Orders list shortcode (WSHK function)
  • UPDATED The WSHK PRO badge has been replaced on WSHK settings, now its display the WSHK PRO logo.


  • COMPATIBLE and tested with WordPress v.5.5.1
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with WooCommerce v.4.5.2
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with Woo Shortcodes Kit v.1.9.2
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with Elementor v.3.0.10
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with Elementor PRO v.3.0.5
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with Woo Subscriptions v.3.0.7
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with Woo Memberships v.1.18.0