How to translate

How can i translate Woo Shortcodes Kit?


WSHK is internazionalized, have an english template and the ready Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian) translation.

By default the plugin take your site language how reference, so dont need nothing to get the plugin if your language is English, Spanish or Portuguese (Brazilian).

If you need translate to other languages, you can do it by yourself, just need make click in the developement section and do click in Translate “Woo Shortcodes Kit” into your language or use Loco Translate to write your own language from the English template.


How to translate using Loco Translate


You can translate Woo Shortcodes Kit to your own language without any cost using the plugin Loco Translate and follow these steps:

  1. Install and activate Loco translate in your site
  2. Go to the plugin from the backend admin menu and look for plugins and click on Woo Shortcodes Kit
  3. Now click in “New language”
  4. Choose your language and select the location “System” to keep the files in the system languages folder.
  5. Click the button “Start translating” and go string by string translating all.
  6. To finish, just save the template and enjoy of Woo Shortcodes Kit in your own language!