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How to start WSHK?


Starting to use WSHK is as simple as going to the backend of your website, search the WooCommerce tab in the admin menu and the WSHK link will appear in the drop-down. Click on it to access the plugin.

The content of this plugin is presented in different tabs:



On this tab you will find the functions and shortcodes of the plugin. All the configuration part is done from this tab.

In turn, the functions and shortcodes are organized by sections to make it more convenient to locate them. If you click on a section, the functions inside it will be displayed.

Each function shows a slide button to activate or deactivate it. From the moment in which a function is activated, it is when it will begin to do its work, but there are some functions that also need to configure its advanced options.

To achieve this, you just have to click on the function and its advanced options will be displayed. You just have to follow the established steps and indications and once finished save the settings so that everything is correctly applied.


This tab is shown again in the plugin.

It is here to stay and it will be your new inbox, from which you can have direct access with just one click to outstanding news about WSHK, its complements and some more surprise.

In each version it will be updated, so it is totally advisable to follow it closely so as not to miss anything!


From this tab you can adapt the language of the plugin.

Naturally the plugin is developed in English, but additionally it has prepared the language files to translate the plugin into Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian).

If by default the plugin stays in English and you want to translate it to one of the available languages, you just have to click on the Copy button of the desired language.
After copying, go back to WSHK to refresh the changes.

If in a new version the plugin undergoes an update in the language files and has not been applied correctly in your installation, you can click on the Update button of the desired language. After the update, go back to WSHK to refresh the changes.



Here you will find the addons for WSHK and some third party plugins recommendeds, all the recommendations has been tested before.



In this tab you have a panel with different links of great relevance in WSHK.
You can request support with just one click, see the report of changes and documentation of the plugin.

You can also keep up to date with all the news that happens in WSHK.


Now you are ready and can start to use WSHK!