WSHK PRO v.1.2.4

Table of Contents

What’s new in WSHK PRO?

The version 1.2.4 is a fast bump to add a new function and update the compatibilities.

Works correctly with:
WSHK v.2.0.8, WordPress v.6.4.3 and WooCommerce v.8.6.1

  • NEW Function “WooCommerce EU VAT number custom shortcode”, now you can use the shortcode to display the content if you are building your custom WooCommerce account page.
  • To use this function you need to have installed and activated WooCommerce EU VAT Number


  • UPDATED English template
  • UPDATED Spanish translation.


  • COMPATIBLE and tested with WordPress v.6.4.3
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with WooCommerce v.8.6.1
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with WSHK v.2.0.8
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with PHP v.8.2


This WSHK PRO version is not compatible with the old Woo Shortcodes Kit v.2.0.2 you need WSHK v.2.0.8