WSHK v.1.9.6

What’s new in Woo Shortcodes Kit?

Version 1.9.6 comes with a new system to verify if WooCommerce is active in your site and a new solution to fix the SSL verify for the WSHK addons updates. Also is ready to work with the new version of the addon WSHK PRO v.1.1.5, Easy My Account Builder v.1.0.7, PHP v.7.4, WordPress v.5.6 and WooCommerce v.4.9.0


  • FIXED SSL verify = false, now if you are using WSHK PRO or EMAB addons you will not get this alert.


  • UPDATED WooCommerce detector – Has been added a message to display if WooCommerce is not running in your site. Now if you have installed and activated Woo Shortcodes Kit in your site but you dont have WooCommerce activated a notice will be displayed.
  • UPDATED Woo Shortcodes Kit now run jQuery v.3.5.1 on main toggle sections
  • UPDATED User Gravatar image shortcode, now only is displayed when the user is logged in, if not the shortcode will not display anything.
  • UPDATED New notifications on NEWS tab
  • UPDATED English template
  • UPDATED Spanish translation
  • UPDATED Brazilian/Portuguese translation


  • REMOVED Dashboard shortcode function, from now this function is not available on Woo Shortcodes Kit.


  • COMPATIBLE with WordPress 5.6
  • COMPATIBLE with WooCommerce 4.9
  • COMPATIBLE with Woo Shortcodes Kit PRO 1.1.5
  • COMPATIBLE with Easy My Account Builder 1.0.7
  • COMPATIBLE Compatible with Php 7.4