Since v.1.1.2, WSHK PRO is ready to integrate PRO features into Woo Shortcodes Kit features. From now on, all WSHK PRO users will automatically unlock additional options to enhance the capabilities of each WSHK feature.

All the integrations will be compiled in this section of the documentation, to start this new stage the first integration has been added, but more will be added in future updates.


Display price and percentage on sale product – Shortcode integration

This integration is for the function called “display saving price and percentages on sale products” and will help you to display the custom on sale badge with a shortcode.

The shortcode only works on the product page, but it works too with your page builders as Elementor, so if you are building your custom template for product page, you can use the shortcode and display the on sale product badge where you need.

How to configure?

Start to use this integration is very easy, just need go to the section “WooCommerce Additional settings” and look for the function “display saving price and percentages on sale products“. Click on it to display the advanced options and go to the settings step 2.

If you dont have WSHK PRO activate yet, you will see the step 2 locked.


But if you are a WSHK PRO user and your license is active, then the step 2 will be unlocked.


With the step 2 unlocked, you can check if you want to use the shortcode, also have the possibility to choose display only the shortcode and then rest of on sale badges will be hidden. Once you have choosen  it, just need copy the shortcode and paste into your product page/template.

More integrations will be added on future versions, if you want to expand the possibilities of your shop, you can do it with the following functions included in this section.