What is WSHK?


WSHK adds advanced functions and shortcodes to your WooCommerce shop.

If you’ve been to any WooCommerce site, you’ve probably want customize the My account or shop page, add testimonials where you want or build a testimonial page, restrict content, etc. WSHK does this really well and can help you to get it and much more easily.



How does it work?


WSHK is a multifunctional plugin, have +60 functions and shortcodes to add to your WooCommerce shop, but you can manage all very easy. The settings are sorted by sections where you can find all the related functions to save search between a lot of functions and all have a similar way to use:

All the functions need to be enabled, so you learn how do it very fast.

All the functions have advanced options to configure and you can access with just one click.

All the functions need Save the settings after his configuration to keep the changes.

So knowing it, just need go to WSHK, Enable a function, configure the settings following the steps that you will find inside the function and save the settings to keep the changes!