How work this function?

This function activates a shortcode with which you can display the user role/roles wherever you want. In other words, it provides a shortcode that you can paste anywhere and choose between 2 options to display.


How to configure?

Once you know where you want to place the shortcode, you just have to follow these steps:

1º Activate the function making the slider show in green
2º It displays the advanced options of the function
3º Copy the shortcode by clicking on the button
4º Choose what you want to show with the shortcode (User main role, All user roles)
5º Save the settings


Displaying main user role

If you want to display only the main use role, the shortcode can be integrated into a line of text as well and apply a custom style easily.



Displaying all the user roles

If you want to display all the user roles, it will be displayed into a list.

The list has its own classes to apply a custom style with CSS easily.
Each list item has a different class, so you can apply different styles to each role ( for example you can add a font weight bolded in the main role…)