Product Download/Sales Counter

How work this function?

This function allows you to show the total sales or downloads that the products of your store have. That is, you can show a counter on the total sales or downloads that each product in your store has. It also has options to configure the meters for both physical products and digital products.

It also has a shortcode to show anywhere the number of sales or downloads a product has by simply adding the product ID to the shortcode and you can control where you want the counter to be displayed: Single product summary, After shop loop item, Before add to cart form, Use shortcode (this option must be checked if you want to use the shortcode).


How to configure?

Once you know where you want to show the sales or download counter for each product, you just have to follow these steps:

1º Activate the function making the slider show in green
2º It displays the advanced options of the function
3º Configure the function settings
4º Choose in the display options where you want to show the counter
5º If you have marked the option to use the shortcode, copy the shortcode
6º Slide to the end, where you will find the button to save the settings


If you want to show more information in the form of a counter, you can do it with the following functions that this section includes.