WSHK v.1.9.1


Update to version 1.9.2, it will fix the uploading issue on the WP repository and all will work correctly!
The version 1.9.2 is the same than the version 1.9.1 and you can check the changelog from here.


What new in Woo Shortcodes Kit?

Version 1.9.1 comes with a new function to display the saving price and percentages on sale products, some fixs, enhanced functions and is ready to work with the new version of the addon WSHK PRO v.1.1.2, WordPress v.5.5.1 and WooCommerce v.4.5.2


  • NEW Added floating button for save the WSHK settings. Now while you are scrolling the settings you can save the changes with the new floating button. If you scroll to the bottom the default save settings button will be displayed and the floating button will be hide.
  • NEW Added steps into each function settings of the section BUILD YOUR CUSTOM ACCOUNT PAGE.
  • NEW Added direct links to documentation and contact in the advanced options of each function.
  • NEW Function “Display saving price and percentages on sale products” added on section WooCommerce additional settings. Now you can display how much can save the customer on each sale product.
  • NEW First WSHK PRO feature directly integrated in a WSHK function. With WSHK PRO you will unlock a new feature for the function “Display saving price and percentages on sale products”.
  • NEW Now the function Change the “Add to cart” button text can detect the downloadable products and add a custom button text. Compatible with the function Conditional “Add to cart” button for purchased products.
  • NEW Now the function Change the “Add to cart” button text is compatible with the plugin WooCommerce Memberships.


  • FIXED Now the downloads template display the file name instead of the download text in the button.
  • FIXED Customer reviews shortcode now not display a warning if the field to set how many reviews want display is empty or have write “all”.
  • FIXED my-orders.php template and orders list pagination (if you had set a number of orders to display per page, please add it again and save the changes). Now the orders list pagination is compatible with WP v.5.5
  • FIXED WSHK customer reviews function, now the pagination works correctly again and is compatible with WP v.5.5
  • FIXED Function Customer Total Orders counter, now display the orders for last 365 days.
  • FIXED Function Customer Purchased Products Counter, now display the orders for last 365 days.
  • FIXED Removed duplicate querys.
  • FIXED Customer purchased products loop now display the columns correctly.


  • UPDATED Now the WSHK PRO and EMAB addons have the new logotype(in recommended section).
  • UPDATED New notifications on NEWS tab
  • UPDATED English template
  • UPDATED Spanish translation
  • UPDATED Brazilian/Portuguese translation


  • COMPATIBLE with WordPress 5.5.1
  • COMPATIBLE with WooCommerce 4.5.2
  • COMPATIBLE with Woo Shortcodes Kit PRO 1.1.2
  • COMPATIBLE with Easy My Account Builder 1.0.4