WSHK v.1.9.4

What new in Woo Shortcodes Kit?

Version 1.9.4 comes with a new field on all the GDPR functions to add your custom Privacy policy text, some updates and fixs and is ready to work with the new version of the addon WSHK PRO v.1.1.4, WordPress v.5.5.3 and WooCommerce v.4.7.1


  • NEW Custom Privacy policy text for all the GDPR law functions, now you can replace the by default Privacy Policy text with your custom text directly from each GDPR function.


  • FIXED Privacy policy text string for GDPR functions.
  • FIXED Login/Register form shortcode, now detects the theme using wp_get_theme()


  • UPDATED Form-edit-address template, now the save addresses button have a custom class “wshkaddressesbtn”
  • UPDATED Now you can use the new style class “wshk_my_account_orders_box” to control the orders list container, the class “wshk_view_order_box” to control the orders details container and the class “wshk_view_order_status_msg” to control the order details status message.
  • UPDATED New notifications on NEWS tab
  • UPDATED English template
  • UPDATED Spanish translation
  • UPDATED Brazilian/Portuguese translation


  • COMPATIBLE with WordPress 5.5.3
  • COMPATIBLE with WooCommerce 4.7.1
  • COMPATIBLE with Woo Shortcodes Kit PRO 1.1.4
  • COMPATIBLE with Easy My Account Builder 1.0.6