WSHK PRO v.1.2.0

Table of Contents

What’s new in WSHK PRO?

The version 1.2.0 includes functions and licensor update.
Also works correctly with Woo Shortcodes Kit v.2.0.4, WordPress v.6.1.1 and WooCommerce v.7.1.1

  • NEW Close Subscriptions details button, now you can close the Subscriptions details with just a click and back automatically to the Subscriptions table.


  • UPDATED Elementor – Deprecated function _register_controls()
  • UPDATED Elementor aligment icons for WSHK Logout button Elemento widget
    By default the button is centered, if you want align the button and not only the button text.
  • UPDATED Woo Subscriptions shortcode, now display all the subscriptions by default and not only the active subscriptions. Also you can choose to display the subscriptions by status: active, on-hold, cancelled, switched or all.
  • UPDATED Compatibility with WooCommerce Stripe Gateway, now when you save your address form it displays a notice related with the payment method and if you click, its redirect you to the payment methods tab.
  • UPDATED Edit account form now is not displayed on the subscriptions or memberships tab when is saved.
  • UPDATED form-add-payment-method template
  • UPDATED form-edit-account template
  • UPDATED form-edit-address
  • UPDATED License system – now is compatible with PHP v.8
  • UPDATED Blocking system – now the functions will follow working after expiring your license, but the settings will be locked, you will need to have a valid license to unlock the settings.
  • UPDATED English template
  • UPDATED Spanish translation.


  • COMPATIBLE and tested with WordPress v.6.1.1
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with WooCommerce v.7.1.1
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with WSHK v.2.0.4
  • COMPATIBLE and tested with PHP v.8

This WSHK PRO version is not compatible with the old Woo Shortcodes Kit v.2.0.2 you need WSHK v.2.0.4.