Conditional Add to cart button for purchased products

How work this function?

This function is in charge of detecting if the user has bought products and everyone who has purchased modifies the text of the “Add to cart” button that you want to add. In other words, if a user has purchased the “X” product, you can make the “Add to cart” button display another message such as “Downloaded” and thereby help the customer detect the products purchased directly from the catalog with just see the button.


How to configure?

Once you know the text you want to add to the button, you just have to follow these steps:

1º Activate the function making the slider show in green
2º It displays the advanced options of the function
3º Add the text you want to show
4º Scroll to the end, where you will find the button to save the settings




If you want to expand the possibilities of your store page, you can do it with the following functions included in this section.