Divi tabs compatibility

How work this function?

By default, the Divi tabs module cant be linked from another pages and too cant be used with Custom Redirections for WooCommerce my account advanced actions… to get it, you need to add a custom ID (for example: my-tabs) on the DIVI tabs module.

You will get each tab to have an identifier to be able to link to it, then you can copy the tab identifier slug related with the orders list, addresses and payments method and paste it on the function Custom Redirections for WooCommerce my account advanced actions.

If you want link to any tab from another page, just add in the url of the external button the link to the page and at the end add /#my-tabs|1 to redirect to the tab number two. For example: mywebsite.com/page-with-divi-tabs/#my-tabs|1


How to configure?

If you are building a custom account page with these tabs and you want to make them linkable from the same page using custom links and hidding the by default tabs headers links, then you need to enable this function and follow these steps:

1º Activate the function making the slider show in green
2º It displays the advanced options of the function
3º Add the shortcode on the account page
4º Add in the function tabs ID field the same ID used on the tabs module
5º Build each custom link using for example the DIVI text module, add a custom link how content on each text module and add a custom ID on each module for example open-tab0, and change the 0 with the given tab number.
6º Add in the function texts module field the same ID used on the texts modules without the number.E.G: open-tab

For example if you have 3 tabs created the link to each of them will be:


You need to add on each custom link an ID open-tab0 (changing the 0 with the tab number).

If you want to expand the possibilities of your shop, you can do it with the following functions included in this section.


This function only work if you have installed and activate DIVI