Exclude products from specific categories on the shop page

How work this function?

This function allows you to manage the products displayed on the store page. That is, you can choose up to 3 different categories of products to exclude on the store page. You can also control whether you want to be able to search in the product search engine and hide the products of the selected categories on the category pages.


How to configure?

Once you know which categories are the products you want to exclude, just follow these steps:

1º Activate the function making the slider show in green
2º It displays the advanced options of the function
3º Choose the categories you want to exclude in the different selectors
4º Brand if you want the rest of the products to be found through the product search engine
5º Mark if you want the products of the selected categories to be hidden in the category pages
6º Slide to the end, where you will find the button to save the settings




If you want to expand the possibilities of your store page, you can do it with the following functions included in this section.